Generations of feudal lords of the Kaga domain, who belonged to the Maeda family, promoted a wide range of cultural activities.
Particularly, during the reigns from the third lord, Toshitsune, to the fifth lord, Tsunanori (1605 – 1724), a great deal of effort was put into
the promotion of culture, and that effort resulted in the flourishing of various crafts, and of Kaga hyakuman-goku culture.
Traditional culture is still very much a part of the lives of the local residents.
In Ishikawa, where many historical cultural assets have been preserved, 36 kinds of traditional arts and crafts have been preserved as local industries.
These include nationally designated traditional crafts such as Wajima lacquerware, Yamanaka lacquerware, Kutani ceramics,
Kaga yuzen silk dyeing and Kanazawa metal leaf. Ishikawa Prefecture is world-renowned as one of the largest production sites for traditional arts
and crafts, and boasts outstanding traditions and culture.